Decided to get into shape? Here is what you should do

Decided to get into shape? Here is what you should do

Summer is just around the corner and you must be thinking to get in better shape. Well who wouldn’t want to fit into shorts and bathing suits this summer? But taking a shortcut doesn’t promise for a long lasting fitness.

Save these tips to make your summer resolution work, and shed a few extra pounds of your winter vocations.

Start With Daily Exercise

What’s easier? Running on the roads, or working out at the gym or home? Remember you should find the exercises that work for you and you can stick with it.

If you don’t exercise at all, build up your habit with half an hour daily workouts. May be you can download an app for it? Or to have a little more fun why not join an aerobics class? Some people go for cycling, many like the swimming. It doesn’t matter at all what you choose, the harder part is to maintain a habit.

Fuel Yourself with Healthy Foods

Nothing worthy comes without paying off. If you want to get into shape you have to trick yourself in terms of portion control. Pile up your plate with rainbow.

Rule of thumb! Eat veggies as a main course and meat as a side dish.

You Need to Sleep Like Babies

On your road towards getting into shape, having enough sleep is the tip number one. A seven hours of proper sleep not only helps in building muscles, also breaks down the body fats. If you are well rested you can easily resist cravings and go for healthy choices.

Here’s a hack, put your phone in airplane mode before going to bed.

Step Out with a Partner

Getting a workout partner or joining a club can be the best move for sticking with your routine. Having a commitment penciled in your calendar will add another layer of accountability. Don’t set for a solo journey for getting back into shape. Your workout partner would be a little motivation to go a long way.

‘Comparison is the thief of joy’

Here’s the rule, if you really want to get into shape stop comparing yourself with others. Remember people are running on different roads, but yours is the one that matters. Instead of cheating yourself by focusing on other’s activities, start on living your own goals.

Don’t forget, ‘comparison is the thief of joy’.

Don’t be Afraid to Change it up

Workouts for beginners for a fitter body

Don’t be scared of mixing up your workout routine. Getting into shape can be sometimes a boring business, it’s good to shuffle your plans for a little fun. Your body needs to know how to respond to different training. Switching up your routine will help for a better guess.

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